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CLIP-LOK SIMPAK MALAYSIA | Cost-saving packaging solutions for every need.

The Clip-Lok Steel Rack is normally a flat-pack returnable solution. It’s optimized for the customer’s supply chain. It focuses on protecting the product during transport. There is also focuses on packing density and operator ergonomics. We also ensure that it is easy to retrieve at the final destination.


Non-standardised or specialized packaging is essential for moving parts in the manufacturing sector. The Clip-Lok Steel Racks serve all industries where the calculation of time-saving is in seconds and minutes. The speed of turn-around is also essential for these industries. It’s normally engineered to transport not only large, bulky, heavy but also sensitive components such as fenders, engines, transmissions, windshields and steering wheels, to name a few. They can embed our soft rack solution for safe transport of sensitive and delicate parts of all type. To save space, the customized dunnage normally stays inside during the return transport.

Steel Rack Solution
Steel Rack Solution

Clip-Lok Steel Racks transport all type of components for industries such as automotive and aeronautical among others. Designed according to customer specifications we can make it fixed, collapsible or detachable. It is an efficient and effective means of storing, protecting, and shipping a diverse range of components for industries. It is used to transport parts which are moved within plants or in some cases even continents.

Clip-Lok Steel Racks are specifically built to meet customer requirements. They enhance manufacturing processes, improve warehouse efficiency and reduce shipping costs. They are also ergonomical to work with for the operators. Our steel racks commonly prove cost-effective by reducing damage in handling. They also cut costs associated with disposable packaging. Our solutions enhance productivity at every level of operation in the supply chain. Higher efficiency and enhanced productivity enables our customers to save costs.


By optimising packaging you save space, handling and logistics costs all the way through the supply chain. We know from experience that our customers can pack more efficiently if the dunnage is well designed and meets their demands and specifications. Our engineers will work closely with you to fulfil your need for safe and rational packaging. By the help of our 3D design technology we design the reusable box and dunnage that will transport your products safely through the supply chain.

Dunnage is important to protect and stabilize products throughout the entire supply chain. We keep developing creative additions to our range of designs and materials. We manufacture our customized dunnage from a wide range of materials. Our well-designed dunnage provides security to the products and optimizes usage of space.

Heavy or delicate products have to be securely packed to ensure safe delivery. We offer you dunnage based on your requirements. It protects the products against breakage or scratches during transport. For you to feel confident that Clip-Lok Steel Racks meet your high demands, we can help you in setting up tests. Performance tests such as weather-resistance, vibration, drop, pressure tests, among others can be set up. These tests could be either in-house or third party.


High-quality structural steel is used to make Clip-Lok Steel Racks. It is a high strength steel which lasts for many years. They correspond to the high standards required in North America and Europe.

All components are manufactured in-house or by a certified supplier to live up to the high standards of Clip-Lok Steel Rack quality manual. As an example, all welders of the Clip-Lok Steel Rack work according to high standards within EN or AWS using matching welding consumables for the steel grades in question.

For light weight racks we could offer constructions and welding in aluminium.

Stainless steel
Clip-Lok can also deliver steel racks in stainless steel. We have come across projects where there is a demand for non-corrosive materials such as off-shore and food industry.

Surface treatment
We can provide various surface treatments for Clip-Lok Steel Racks. It can either be hot-dip galvanized, electro-galvanized, powder coated or wet painted. It depends on the customer need and specification such as RAL-code etc.

We can design Clip-Lok Steel Racks to fold together and stored as a flat package. All components of a collapsed Clip-Lok Steel Rack fit into one device. The compact size reduces the space required. Thus, it is possible to return more steel racks in a single shipment. It reduces the logistic costs. The folded steel racks take up minimal space in the warehouse, thereby reducing costs. But, if required, we can also design fixed or detachable steel racks.

We design two-way and four-way pallets to match your needs with or without fork tunnels.


We keep testing Clip-Lok Steel Racks to ensure they fulfill our customers´ requirements. Our steel racks are of strong, stable and high quality. They have exhaustively been tested by official test institutes around the world. They have always met the most stringent of standards.

Clip-Lok Steel Racks have been tested and approved by internationally accredited packaging institutes. They have also undergone various testing procedures as per the high standards set by the UN. Some of our steel racks are UN approved for carrying hazardous materials.


To ensure that the steel rack fulfills your exact requirements, we work with you. We understand your packaging and transport needs to deliver the right packaging solution. Only after considering all potential problems we deliver an integrated packaging solution. We are always focused on the purpose of the rack. We also understand the importance of its cost-effectiveness and ease of handling.

Our engineers design an integrated packaging solution after understanding your packaging needs. It will meet all your requirements for a sustainable and cost-effective packaging system. With the help of the advanced 3D design technology (CATIA), we can manufacture a prototype, for your approval.

We understand that it is not only you that we need to please with our solution. It is important to make sure that your suppliers also feel confident about the solution. As a manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience, we can handle any request. Clip-Lok Steel Racks satisfies the entire supply chain as it is easy to handle, saves time and reduces costs.


No matter the mode of transport you choose, we are able to give you packaging solutions that fit the exact requirements of your cargo. Our solution always optimizes the transport of the goods.


The Clip-Lok Steel Rack applications exhibit our focus on protecting the product. It demonstrates our ability to provide highest quality and making it ergonomical for everyone involved in the process of packaging.

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