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CLIP-LOK SIMPAK MALAYSIA | Cost-saving packaging solutions for every need.


The original, patented returnable Clip-Lok transport box consists of plywood panels held together with our original, detachable spring steel clips. The collapsed crate is easily assembled without the use of tools, and once assembled, the crate is strong enough to be stacked up to 7 high. The reusable container can be flat-packed after use and will then take up close to 80% less space, thus minimising return costs.

Clip-Lok boxes save you time and money.


Our containers are designed and built to meet your requirements, optimise your packaging and reduce your logistics costs. By the help of our 3D design technology we design a box that meets all your specified requirements while taking into account your product, packaging process at both ends, handling, transport, storage etc.

The strength and flexibility of the Clip-Lok box and the customised dunnage ensure that your items are transported safely at the lowest possible cost.

Since the introduction of the Clip-Lok reusable and collapsible wooden crate, hundreds of thousands of returnable units have been produced and shipped all over the world.

The design and the customised dunnage save logistics costs because of the way the box is reused and because of more effective packaging. The versatility and durability of the box have exceeded many of our customers’ expectations.


By optimising packaging you save space, handling and logistics costs all the way through the supply chain. We know from experience that our customers can pack more efficiently if the dunnage is well designed and meets their demands and specifications. Our engineers will work closely with you to fulfil your need for safe and rational packaging. By the help of our 3D design technology we design the reusable box and dunnage that will transport your products safely through the supply chain.

No matter whether you choose a returnable box, a patented 2P box or an expendable box, the dunnage is important to ensure cost-effective packaging with maximum protection and stabilisation of your products all the way through the supply chain. We constantly develop creative additions to our range of designs and materials; and we construct the customised dunnage from a wide range of materials. When you choose well-designed dunnage to protect your items, you also optimise space usage.

Heavy or delicate products that can be scratched or break need to be securely packed to ensure safe delivery. We offer you dunnage based on your requirements. For you to feel confident that our boxes meet your exact requirements, we can assist in setting up performance testing such as weather-resistance, vibration, drop and pressure tests, etc.


Clip-Lok uses various kinds of materials and finishes in order to meet your demands. Our reusable collapsible plywood boxes are usually made of high quality plywood, which is strong and flexible. The original spring steel clips are equally strong and flexible and also easy to fit or remove.

  • Highest quality spring steel clips, 35 or 50 mm wide
  • Plywood in 9 – 36 mm, FSC or PEFC certified
  • Smooth and clean surface
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Strong and flexible
  • Plywood with film finish in 9 – 36 mm, FSC or PEFC certified

Clip-Lok clips are made to exact specifications to ensure that they can be used repeatedly over many years, securing the integrity of the strength of the reusable Clip-Lok box.

The Clip-Lok clip is made of the highest quality spring steel with 100% elastic behavior and a tensile strength across the clips of up to 11,000 kg depending on the type of clip. The clips are surface protected with a high quality coating.

In accordance with ASTM B117, the clips can withstand a salt spray test for more than 250 hours. In addition, they have been tested and approved for extreme weather conditions ranging from arctic cold to jungle heat.

Once unpacked, the containers can be collapsed and stored flat. All components of a collapsed returnable Clip-Lok box are contained in one unit. The original reusable box can be assembled or dismantled by only one person in less than three minutes. The height of a collapsed box, including a pallet, is 170-220 mm depending on specifications.

The compact size reduces space and allows more boxes to be returned in a single shipment, which reduces logistics costs. The collapsible boxes take up a minimum of storage space.

No matter whether you need a two- or four-way pallet, Clip-Lok will design it to match your needs. Our pallet bases are produced in plywood as they are an integrated part of the box.


To ensure the quality of the expendable boxes, we constantly test our boxes to fulfil our customers´ requirements. Clip-Lok one-way boxes are high quality and are immensely strong and stable. The one-way boxes and original spring steel clips have been tested exhaustively by official test institutes around the world and in every case they have met the most stringent of standards.

To make sure that your products are transported safely through the supply chain, the returnable Clip-Lok containers have been tested successfully for:

  • Pressure up to15 tonnes for a 12mm case
  • Containing up to 1,000 litres
  • SStacking up to 7 high when loaded
  • Vibration
  • Drop testing
  • Weather resistance
  • Impact and pressure

Our boxes are compliant with ISPM 15 regulations.

Over the years, Clip-Lok has provided uncompromising packaging solutions for several business areas such as military, automotive and aeronautical industries all over the world. We have obtained many approvals, e.g.:

  • ISO 9000 or equivalent awarded in a number of countries
  • United Nations approval for the transport of dangerous/hazardous goods
  • Armed Forces accreditation in a number of countries
  • Our vendors are certified according to ISO 14001
  • ISPM15 heat treatment

To ensure that your box fulfils your exacting requirements, we will work with you to establish your specific packaging and transport/export needs. We will consider all possible issues and new opportunities to deliver a successful and integrated packaging solution. We are fully focused on the purpose of the box, its cost-effectiveness and on easy handling in the supply chain.

Once we have established your packaging needs, our dedicated engineers will design a fully integrated packaging solution that will live up to all your requirements of a sustainable and cost-effective reusable packaging system. By the help of our advanced 3D design technology we are able to swiftly provide you with a prototype which can be tested for your approval.

Not only do you have to satisfy your own demands for safe and cost-effective packaging, you also have to make sure that your customers feel confident with the solution. Our worldwide customer service is prepared to handle any request. We know from our many years of experience that the whole supply chain is satisfied with the Clip-Lok reusable packaging system. It is easy to handle, saves time and reduces costs.


No matter whether you choose to transport your goods by air, sea or land, we are able to provide you with packaging solutions that fit the exact requirements of your cargo in order to optimize transportation of your goods.


We guarantee our product against faulty workmanship from delivery of an order;
any part which fails due to faulty material or faulty fabrication will be replaced free of charge.


All our customers are provided with a high standard of service. We will do our best to serve you and meet your needs not only in the process, but also after delivery of our reusable, collapsible Clip-Lok Boxes.

Clip-Lok SimPak MALAYSIA

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